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Parsley Seeds Italian Giant Flat Multiannual

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Parsley Seeds Italian Giant Flat Multiannual

Price for Package of 300 (1g) seeds.

Especially popular with chefs, this Italian favorite produces an abundance of bright dark flat green leaves of excellent strong flavor held well above the ground on 12-inch plants.  Can be grown on the windowsill

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Parsley Seeds Italian Giant Flat Multiannual

Price for Package of 300 (1g) seeds.

Also known as Italian parsley, flat-leaf parsley has dark green leaves and a pungent, sweet flavor. This parsley is best for cooking since it can withstand heat and retains its flavour better than curly parsley.

Italian Giant is a selective plant with deeply cut, bright green leaves. Known to have better flavor than other varieties, it is increasingly popular in the kitchen and is indispensable for a huge range of cooked and salad dishes. It is the choice parsley for drying.

Parsley can also be grown a pot to keep indoors year-round or over the winter for a supply of fresh leaves. Though technically a biennial, it is often grown as an annual herb where it cannot winter over.
Don’t grow in those “Parsley Pots” – the one with six holes around the side…parsley likes moisture and these containers dry out too fast, the holes in the side are small and make it difficult to water and the parsley has too big a tap root to be happy!

Soil Preparation:

Parsley is a hungry plant it likes good deep soil, not too light and not acidic. Feed the chosen site well in the autumn with well-rotted manure. If you wish to harvest parsley all year round, prepare two different sites. For summer supplies, a western or eastern border is ideal because the plant needs moisture and prefers a little shade. For winter supplies a more sheltered spot will be needed in a sunny position.

Sowing Instructions




soak in water for 12-24  hours



Sowing Time:

all year round

Sowing Depth:

Needs Light to germinate! Just sprinkle on the surface of the substrate + gently press

Sowing Mix:

Coir or sowing mix + sand or perlite

Germination temperature:

18-20 ° C


bright + keep constantly moist not wet

Germination Time:

20 days


Water regularly during the growing season


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MHS 118 (1g)
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Válogatott magok?
Válogatott magvak
Organic Seeds ?
Organic Seeds
Edible ?
Pretreatment of sowing ?
Soak in water before sowing 12-24 h
Plant is suitable for growing ?
The plant is suitable for growing in a greenhouse
The plant is suitable for growing on a balcony-terrace
The plant is suitable for outdoors cultivation
Suitable for growing in flower pot ?
Suitable for pot: Yes
Origin Country of Variety ?
Variety from: Italy
Medicinal Plant ?
Medicinal Plant: Yes
Seeds requires light for germination ?
Requires light for germination

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