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    Portugal, Jose Francisco G.
    Serbia, mikica P.
    Greece, τσικουρικας Ï.
    Portugal, Paulo C.
    Reunion Island, Claudie L.
    Greece, ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ Î.
    Portugal, Agostinho F.
    Austria, Elisabeth N.
    Portugal, Ana G.
    Serbia, Stefan A.
    Greece, Costantino A.
    France, Sandrine B.
    Sweden, Ida R.
    Germany, David L.
    Greece, Απόστολος Î.
    Sweden, Anna H.
    Portugal, Roberto P.
    Sweden, Tomas N.
    Sweden, Tilda C.
    Portugal, José P.

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Order Shipped 11.06.2013
Customer Message:
Inform you that I have received the order (# XX73 - César Louro Pimentel), being all OK! ... THANK YOU.
Until next order ... regards,
César Pimentel.

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